The Top Drawer

Friends, we left off here....

I know this has kept you up some nights...what will she put in this top kitchen drawer?

Here's a hint.

I love to cook, so my spices have always been front and center on my kitchen counter.  

As you can see, the jars came pre- labeled and as I have different spices, I had to make new labels.

Over they years, these labels have started to peel off and the lids started to look a little grungy. 

Also this...

These are the additional spices I use often that don't fit in the spice rack!  Aggravating.

It's always been a little dream of mine to have all my spices in one place.  A girl can dream right?

Now that the top drawer is empty (

and lined with


), let the work begin!

Do the research,...the jars must fit the drawer.  I chose 


 from #thecontainerstore.  They come with either chrome or white plastic lids.  I love my choices.  I ordered 40!  Did you know you can order online and have them shipped to the store for free?  Who knew?

These are helpful too.  I only had to label 6 that weren't on these pre-made labels.

And one of these was a lifesaver

along with a tiny teaspoon.

 Let the filling

and labeling


There were a lot of stickers to remove....I really dislike manufacturer labels...ask my clients!  If you're going to make it your own, you've got to remove the label.

This perfect line-up makes me happy.  I hadn't measured across the drawer, only the depth, so this was a happy surprise!

 I closed the drawer in between filling, so that the spillage didn't seep into the drawer.  Here is a sneak peek of my progress.

 Oh it made my heart sing when I was finished!  I especially love that the jars all fit perfectly in the drawer  by width and length.  Notice there are 3 jars unclaimed

(as of yet anyway).

There was some excess space at the back of the drawer, so I located a couple of plastic rectangular containers and placed all the excess spice in their containers in there.  I know I'll use up what I have this way.  

Bonus that the containers fit exactly and thus keep the jars from rattling around.  The grip liner helps too.

The jar filling took some time, but the clean up took a lot more.  Why are projects often like this?

These miscellaneous glass and plastic jars may come in handy in my art studio or the garage later. Soaking off the labels is a necessary chore.  

All sparkling clean, ready for repurposing!

Before                                                      After

What will go in the gap on the counter?  NOTHING.  Now the pitcher with the spoons and the oil/salt/pepper tray can be easily moved when more counter space is needed.

Here's a handy way to find out if a spice you own is still good or not.

What's your kitchen spice count?

Do you keep your spices in a cabinet, a rack, a drawer or somewhere else?