Apps are Lifechangers

Hello Friends,

Like most of us I use apps every day. In fact, I can't imagine life without them!  Apps make life easier and can be game changers for everyone - freeing up valuable brain space, giving us more time in our day and increasing our efficiency to just get more things done.

Here are 3 of my favorites and truth be told, I get a little commission if you decide to use the linky to sign up for one or all.  I never recommend anything I haven't used myself and these 3 apps are necessities for my business.  

If you own your own business, move away from paper accounting and get

Quickbooks Self-Employed.

They are offering a special this month to join for $5 a month for 12 months and then it will be $10 a month after that.  Well worth it friends.

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Once you log in, connect your business bank account and the transactions will automatically upload each time you log in.  Spend a little time each month categorizing them - it will tell you the exact categories to put expenses in matched up with the Schedule C federal tax form.  Then click on Reports to see your P&L for year to date or any month/year you like.  There is also an option to connect a mileage app to it as well as scan in all your receipts/connect emailed receipts too.  It literally takes the headache out of tax time as you can either give your accountant your log in or simply print out the P&L for the year and share the chart of accounts if you are at all unsure about your categorizations.  And you always know your numbers.  So important as a business owner to always know your numbers!

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 to get the special!  

Next up is

Acuity Scheduling.

If you want to eliminate the challenges of scheduling clients through multiple emails, texts, phone conversations, this app allows me to schedule on the spot.  I simply share my unique


 in person,over the phone, or through an email and text and the client clicks on it and sets up their own appointment!  

It shows the dates/times I am available, 


 for their contact info then syncs with their calendar and mine.  I've set it up for reminders too - 24 in advance and 1 hour before the appointment so no more last minute cancellations either.  So far, clients love it and it has quite literally changed my business.  



for a free trial.




Moving away from many pieces of paper, post its, napkins, has been a goal of mine for a long time.  Evernote captures everything you need in one place.  It is especially helpful when planning a project or event.  Upload photos, measurements, scan in handwritten notes, typed notes, even pin things from the internet to attach in one solid place.  If you're a client of mine and we've worked on paper or sprucing up your home, Evernote is one app I suggest every time. 

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What's the app you can't live without?

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