Infuse your home with joy

Hello Friends,

What makes organizing for clients so much fun, is the progress that happens so quickly.  It amazes people how much can be accomplished in just 3 hours.  Especially when it's taken 10+ years to accumulate!

You'll know I've been organizing because I enjoy creating something around joy.  I love finding something in the space that makes a client"s eyes light up and their face break into a smile and then creatively incorporating the item into the space so it can be enjoyed.

Often it's something that is crammed into a cabinet, or stored in a box, but when it's displayed in a way that it is given the spotlight, these bits of joy really shine.

Some examples of joy that changed everything!

A child's craft cabinet with containers of markers, paint brushes, crayons and a tray of origami paper.

The cutest folders ever to prioritize paperwork for taking action on.

A sweet memorabilia display in a laundry room to remind one of days gone by.  

A kitchen cabinet with small whimsical decor along with favorite recipes.  

His and her sock bins in a bedroom closet.

None of these joy infusers cost any money -

except the sock bins from

Dollar General.

What room or space do you wish had more joy in it?

Let's uncover it