The Woe of Plastic Container Storage

Don't try this at home!

For the past 12 years, I've had these stored in a cabinet underneath my kitchen counter.  Tired of fishing around in there, bent over, unable to see anything but what was in front, I moved them to this cabinet, above the glasses.

This friends, was worse.

Now I could definetly see what I was fishing for, but unfortunately, because these containers are so slippery, they usually slid off the shelf as well as requiring some really creative stacking as shown here on the left.

I tried this shelf out for a week and then decided to move them over here to a larger shelf.

But after another week of fighting with this new shelf I'd chosen

with the same problems

, I decided to invest in storage and move them all to a bin.  

I'm all about exploring my options.

This is an


 drawer and it installs inside a cabinet or closet on a runner frame so it can easily be pulled out to access what's inside.

The cabinet I chose is very deep, so this drawer made great use of otherwise

unusable space


translation: space that becomes a catch all for whatever gets mashed back in there


Genius!  I even installed it myself

(this girl is learning some skills!)

I realize that this storage solution won't work for everyone.  Some might like all their lids arranged by size in a rack and all their storage containers stacked neatly by type, and that is fine.  We can do that.

But not me!  Throw it all in a bin and call it good!

 Before                                                    During                                                     After

After showing my husband, he suggested we buy new containers.  Bonus!

Want to guess what's in that blue-lidded storage container on the right?

Answer:  This mess from "What a Difference a Drawer Divider Makes"  

Of course not all of these items made the cut.  

Who says you've got to keep everything in a drawer or on a shelf?

So how do you store your plastic containers?  Stacked or piled?

Seriously friends, does every container have a lid?