What a Difference A Drawer Divider Makes

These 4 drawers have given me lots of trouble over the years.

Sandwiched right between the stove and the dishwasher, many kitchen items have been stored here and forgotten.  It's always been a bit of a mess. There have been some challenges.  

Currently, the top drawer holds kitchen utensils.  Not knives, never knives.  All sharp objects in my kitchen are in a separate drawer.  No need to reach in to a mess and cut myself

 (my biggest cooking fear)

.  I am sure some people can keep their knives and utensils in the same drawer, living together happily.  I am not one of those people.  

The next drawer is obviously very messy.  What's all in there anyway?  Hard to find and grab what is needed in the moment.

Next is towels and rags.  My husband complains that he cannot tell a dishrag from a dish towel.  There may have been arguing.  Well, who can tell them apart in this mess?  

Eww, that potholder needs laundering.

Next is all the items that don't fit anywhere else in the kitchen.  This could be classified as a "junk drawer" but all the items go together, so it's my "kitchen junk drawer".  Birthday candles, cheesecloth

(for mulled cider of course!)

, twisty-ties, plasticware, napkins, string, paper plates, pilfered restaurant mustard & ketchup packets, and other necessary items.

Last is the "bag drawer".  Garbage bags, small paper bags, and plastic shopping bags.  The cat wandered in to see what was going on.  She may have climbed into the drawer too at one point.

This drawer has been organized for quite some time, ever since I learned how to fold these sweet little triangles out of those pesky plastic shopping bags.  

Kitchen origami, swoon.

To organize the other drawers, there was shopping involved.  Kitchen drawer organizers are amazing.  Just be sure to measure carefully.  It is so disappointing to come home with the wrong size.  

When it's the right size, ahhhhh...I love how all the handles are pointing the same way.  Easy to grab them.

Can you guess what this is? 

I love that it fit perfectly at the back of the drawer.

Next up, that messy dish towel/dish rag drawer.  Rags on the left,  towels on the right. Marital bliss is restored.

Hey, what about this drawer?

Stay tuned!  A creative solution is coming, and as some of us know, creativity takes time,

and in this case, a little muscle.

Doesn't this look


much better?

Before                                                                                            After

There is something so restful about having a beautifully organized space.  

So, I know you're thinking...what's going in the top drawer?

Wait and see!!!

Honestly, when's the last time you laundered your potholders?

Enter your guess naming the mystery utensil in the comments below.

Post your messiest kitchen drawer and tag my