Organizing an Art Gallery Wall

Hello Friends,

This is a short but sweet post because it has to do with the "Spruce" aspect of my 


.  As you may remember, I am sprucing up my home, just in time for Spring.

Because I've had nearly every room in the house repainted, I've taken down all of the pictures. There is nothing quite like the feeling of fresh clean paint on the walls and I'm reluctant to fill the refreshed walls back up again with nail holes and the same old line up of tired photographs and boring prints.

And while I am creative, I also have next-to-zero decorating style as my best ideas come from other bloggers. In this case, I stole this idea of how to create an art gallery wall from a blog called, 

A Beautiful Mess

An art gallery wall is a personal collection of items that speak JOY  to the owner.  They can be of any size and shape and can include, canvas prints, framed photos, baskets, decorative plates, objects d'art etc.  Anything that can be hung on a wall.

First I gathered all the items that I want to include on the wall, which will be in my bedroom.

These include:  a decorative art plate that we collected on our honeymoon, a mosaic mirror that my youngest made with the neighbor when he was 9, butterflies from Puerto Rico, a cross with bling gifted from a sweet friend and a plaque that says "Imagine the Possibilities".

 I imagine I'll love waking up and reminding myself of that everyday!

Then I made templates.

This my friend is absolute genius!

 I laid each piece on colored paper and traced then cut around it.  

Then I taped them up on the wall in various configurations.  This helps get the spacing just right, plus it was fun to play around with it for about week.  Each morning I'd move things around.

Once  I settled on which configuration I liked best, then it was time to measure.  It was easy to hang up an art piece that had the hook or hanger at the top of the frame, but most had a hook part way down which would mess up the spacing.  So measuring next.

Measure the top of the plate to the tip top of the hanger....

Then mark the template with the same measurement.  

Hammer the nail in and then tear off the template and it's sure to be in the exact right place when it's hung up.


So which template grouping did I choose?

      I love how it turned out!

This little organizing project was so easy and fun, I almost wish I had more to hang up!  For more inspiration, Google 

"Art Gallery Wall"

What are some of the items you'd include on your own Art Gallery Wall?

Who's going to give this project a try?  

I'd love to see your finish on Instagram #valeriesowa