Backyard Bonanza

Hello Friends,

It's spring and many of us are outside gardening in the sun.  Some of us have to organize our backyards a bit before the gardening can commence.

The first task was to pull all the junk out of a homeowner's backyard and get it ready for a ride to the dump. There was a lot of junk hiding in the overgrown landscaping. 

Some neighbors may have thought this was a free pile and taken some things, which was more than fine.

One man's junk, another man's treasure.

Next up was to sort out this cluttered tool shed.  Notice a lot of blank vertical space that could be utilized.

It's amazing how much unorganized stuff can fit into a small space!  

Labeling the tops of buckets makes it easy to determine the contents.

Old paint, as long as it's latex, can be left open to dry out and then tossed in the garbage.  

Although it may take awhile to dry out...

This is a clever solution to storing snow shovels.  They are plastic so no need to worry about rusting.

On the other hand, this storage solution doesn't work very well.

There was a pegboard on this wall, but it was easily moved to the opposite, more easily accessed wall.  Bring out the powertools!

Crocheting the powercords is the simplest way to store them.  Simply find the middle, double it up and make a loop and then pull a loop through that loop until it's all neatly crocheted into a chain to hang up.  When one goes to use it, simply pull the last loop out and it will all come undone without any tangles.  

Try it!

Here's the view with the reinstalled pegboard.  Hooks for pegboards can be obtained at any hardware store and there are a variety to choose from for every type of tool imaginable.  It felt good to get all the shovels and rakes out of the weather.

With the organizing done, the weeds were next.  

There was a sweet surprise awaiting!  Strawberry plants!

What might you uncover in your yard this Spring?