Latest Organizing Projects + A Special

Hello Friends,

My goodness, it's been 3 months since I last blogged.  Living where I do where the winters are long and the temperature is freezing, I make the most of summer!  Spending every spare moment I'm not working with clients or catching up on office work, I am outside enjoying the sunshine and having fun. 

How about you?

I've had the opportunity to be part of some really interesting projects this summer including preparing for and working an estate sale and then packing up the leftovers for donation. 

An estate sale is where you decide what you'll keep and sell everything else.  

Working with whole house organization because

when life gets messy, your house gets messy. 

Assisting with tax prep with self-employed entrepreneurs.

The goal is to file on time with no extension needed. 

Organizing a few home offices, including paperwork and reorganizing a kitchen. 

When you live and work in a space, it has to work for you, not against you. 

I also helped set up and stage items for a virtual auction and assisted an elderly couple to pack up their entire home to move in with their children.  

Ah, the life of a professional organizer, always something interesting.  Variety is the spice of life so they say and that's why I love organizing so much.

Now, while the weather is still warmish, end of summer is a great time to tackle the basement where it is still cool.  Plus it is so much easier to stage items for a sale or donations without the snow flying.  So to that end, I'm offering a special!

This latest special includes 8 hours of organizing, including decluttering, sorting and appropriate storage.   8 plastic 18 gallon totes are also included.  These will be filled and labeled with the things that are important to you.  Everyone has precious somethings or items that they may need in the immediate future as well as things that need long-term storage.  Having an organized basement allows you to quickly locate exactly what you need.  Let's get your day on the calendar today!

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What fun have you been up to this summer?

What organizing project are you planning this fall?