Where to Start?

Hello Friends,

The longer that I work in this industry, the more information I find about organizing.  There are so many methods to choose from. 






each with its own ideas of how to get started.  It seems there is an unlimited number of books to read and even more research being published having to do with the psychology of clutter.

As you survey your own home in all it's chaos, considering where to start can feel overwhelming.

Reading a book can cause the thrill of anticipation, but upon actually facing the mess, many people just close the door and walk back into complacency.  That is until out-of-town guests plan to visit, or hosting a graduation party is on the horizon.

Having a deadline can motivate us to take action.  

Start with a plan.  How many rooms need attention?  How deep does the organization need to go?

How long are we giving ourselves to complete it? 

Add another 3 hours.

What preparation do we need to take, such as gathering boxes, ordering a dumpster, arranging a donation pick-up?  And asking for support - be it a professional organizer, a group of friends or a family member.

Once you have all this in place, you're ready to start.  If you just launch into the process, likely you'll feel overwhelmed at some point and just give up, likely with a bigger mess than when you started.

Pick your happy place.  Start with the place in your home that gives you the most joy.  

Is it your kitchen?  Your home office?  The couch in front of the fireplace?  The comfy chair where the sunlight streams in the window?

Thrifted for $35 from the local second-hand shop.   Joy doesn't have to be expensive.

Start here.  Tidy up everything in sight of your happy place.  Declutter, dust, vacuum etc.  In this way, you have a clean, clear space to relax and feel at peace. 

Then go tackle the big stuff.

Where are you in the process of starting your organizing journey?

Tell me more about your happy place.

*Local readers in the St. Croix Valley. I'll be speaking at the Hammond Community Library on Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 6:30pm.  Spread the word and come join us!

Let's Get Organized!