One Man's Trash

Hello Friends,

Let's start today with this quote:  

"One man's trash is another man's treasure, what he doesn't appreciate, the next man will." 

                                                                                                                               ~ Unknown

So often, I encounter clients who have not ever donated anything, well other than cash that is.  As far as their personal belongings, donating is unknown territory.

Unless they want to have some sort of garage sale, donating usable discards to a local charitable organization can be a wonderful way of recycling perfectly good items and sharing them with those who really need them.

First we address the usual hurdles:

  • Fear of seeing someone they know wearing their clothing.

  • Fear of seeing their cast-offs at a friend's home.

  • Fear of the unknown, after all, if you've never done it, how do you know?

Once we get everything loaded in the car, the rest is easy.

Here's a

short video


have Facebook to see it

  showing how to drop off donations at our local 



If you want to know more about donating and how to do it, schedule a coaching session with me.  I even research the best places to donate your collections, clothing, furniture etc. as part of my service and if you like and you live locally, I can drop off your donations for you.

But the point of this story today is to highlight donating as a way of bringing others joy.

Introducing my friend Amy.  She purchased this beautiful linen, embroidered tablecloth at her local thrift store for pennies on the dollar.  She discovered upon unfolding it that it was unfinished.  None of the letters were embroidered.

This is a ceremonial tablecloth to use on Jewish occasions such as


the Jewish day of rest - from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. This tablecloth would be used for Friday night dinner, when saying prayers while lighting candles, over challah, and over wine.

I learned all this because I'd offered to finish it.  You see I'm a professional organizer by day, but a sewist and maker by night.

First, we decided upon a color thread.

Then I embroidered one letter, to try things out.

It came out very well

In Hebrew it says, 

Lechvod Shabbat v'Yom Tov. In honor of Shabbat and Holidays. 

This thrilled my friend as now she can use it for all the Jewish holidays.  

I am picturing many happy meals and memories to last a lifetime.  

All because someone thought to donate it unfinished rather than putting it in the trash.

What is something you "rescued" from the thrift store?

Are you afraid of donating?  What's holding you back?