Where Did I Go? Part 1

Hello You,

I’ve been gone from this blog for quite awhile, about a year actually.  Sure I managed a total of two posts in all of 2017, 




, but mentally, I took a break from everything so I could focus on me. This is what happened.

I'll pick up the story in the Spring of 2016.   My husband took a job in another state, in the hopes that we would eventually move there permanently. I stayed put to get our home ready for sale.

I had started my own version of a 

Tidying Festival

 back in 2015 which I blogged about in many posts since then.  By the summer of 2016, I had finished my









, had the entire inside of our home professionally 


 and then I decided to 


 with staging for a house sale in mind, all while still working with clients and doing a million other things to get the house fixed up and cleaned up.

In late summer I had resigned myself to living alone and was enjoying my renewed home.  Houses really do like being taken care of.  Mine shone with the love and care I had given it and I relished all the space.  It had been worth all the hard work.

Then something happened that Fall that changed the course of my life.  

Unbeknownst to me, in that other state, my husband was making his own choices and these had led to him very suddenly losing his job.  The long and the short of it was that after 27 years of marriage I filed for divorce.  This started me on a path to a much different life than the one I had previously known.

By December 2016,  I had taken in a renter, found a part time job and was working with organizing clients in the evenings and on weekends, my college-age sons and myself were about to lose our health insurance, and I knew there was no way I could afford the payments on the mortgage to keep our family home.


Part II

to find out how this story continues and where my new life begins!