Bathroom Tidy

Hello Friends,

Today we are focusing on what is for most people, the smallest room in the house.  Bathrooms can attract clutter like no other room because we humans love our personal care products.  We love trying out what's new and different often before we've used up what's old and not working.  This list includes:  shampoo, conditioner, soap, skin care products, make up, nail polish, manicure items, bath items, first aid supplies, and cleaning supplies (for the bathroom).  Add in a heap of bath towels, beach towels, hand towels and washcloths and times everything by the number of family members and there is a lot of storage happening here.

There are some rules to follow when organizing a bathroom.  

Rule #1 Everything off the floor.

So much easier to clean!

A laundry hamper would be handy here as well as hooks for towels to be hung up.  Follow your natural inclination. If you are continually dumping towels on the floor in a particular place, install a hook and see what happens!

This rule includes all the miscellaneous storage and items that are stored on the floor too!  

The wastebasket can stay.

The challenge was to create space in the existing cabinet for these items previously stored in the plastic storage drawers.

Drawer 1: Hair care items & make up 

Drawer 2:  Travel make up bags and assorted items 

Drawer 3:  Flat irons/curling irons

Here's what this bathroom had for existing storage.

A long cubby filled with items used everyday and these two cabinets that are stuffed full.

Rule #2  Decide what to keep.

 This means discarding old, stained towels, holey washcloths, expired skin care products, old make-up, hair care products that didn't work as expected and on and on.  

We all have this bathroom clutter.  Get out a trash bag and get to work!

Rule #3  Storage.  Everything kept has a home.

The long cubby was easy.  Toothcare on the top shelf, make up in the middle shelf and hair styling aids on the bottom shelf.  These are items that are used each day and need to be kept handy.

We used existing storage containers and decided to label the containers by category and also by name of the family member that the contents belong to.  

Some containers still look cluttered...why you might ask?  It's because...

Rule #4  Never organize someone else's stuff.  

Unless permission is granted.


owels on one shelf, pillowcases/sheets  along with tissue and toilet paper on another with cleaning supplies on the bottom.  Simple and easy for everyone in the family to find.

The after pictures look so clean and bright.  It's amazing how decluttering can make a space feel more open.  

We did throw out an entire black garbage bag and another box of items to donate too!

Everything off the floor and that's a plunger in that cute basket we found.

There is this full length mirror to contend with.  It needs to be hung up properly on the wall.

But when I went over to investigate, lo and behold there was a FIRE EXTINGUISHER hung up behind it!

So I you think there are a lot of candles around that bathtub some nights?  Ooh la la.  You never know what you'll find when you organize!

What is the strangest item you keep in your bathroom?

Want to guess how long it took to declutter this room?