Look What An Hour Can Do?

Hello Friends,

Recently I had the pleasure of a client gifting her remaining organizing hours to a friend to use.  I have a policy on my packages that the hours paid for in advance have to be used within 6 months. Use them or lose them.  So this client decided to pay it forward.  

So sweet!

After looking at various spaces in the home and me sharing ideas.  We had one hour left to work and so we decided to tackle this closet in the front of the house.

There was a lot of stuff in this closet, as you can see!  We only had an hour so we quickly sorted everything by category.  First outerwear, then games, then miscellaneous.  It was amazing how quick it went!

We kept the video camera on the top rack.  Whittled down the coats/snowpants to what the client actually loved wearing.  Stacked the wooden shelves rather than having them side by side, and stuck all the off-season shoes in them.  Since the off-seasons coats are in this closet, it only made sense.

Then we added in plastic bins that the client already owned and put hats, gloves and scarves in them - after sorting out what would be kept.  Again, it's summer, so most everything in this closet is off-season.

There was still a little room on the floor so we were able to place the vacuum cleaner here.  This was exciting as it didn't have a home.  It was kept previously on the landing to the basement stairs!

Now it's a closet that makes good sense.  Everything for fall and winter is kept here, neat and tidy. Summer shoes and jackets are kept in a different closet near the door to the garage - the door they use the most.  In the fall, the client could easily switch out the closet contents.  This can be a good way to check for anything in need of repair or replacing.

What happened to all those games, you ask?  They were quickly sorted into donation piles and a pile for the kids to sort through downstairs.  Then they will be stored in a box to be kept with Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations.  With older grown children visiting, this is when they are most played, so it makes good sense to store them together, rather than taking up valuable space in the much used closet.

See what can be done in just an hour?  Ah-mazing.

What area of your home will you tackle with a free hour this week?