Painting Makes All the Difference

Hello Friends,

During the "spruce" step when organizing a home, it often becomes glaringly apparent that not only do rooms need a thorough cleaning, but paint is badly needed.  This is a very important step and one that my clients are eager to complete. There is nothing quite like being in a freshly painted room,

except maybe stepping into a brand new car!

This has been my "uniform" this past week as I was busy prepping my home for painting,  

I've seen clients do it themselves or ask willing family members to paint rooms for them but in my case, I hired it out, but did all the prep.

I tried to trade for organizing services, but my painter friend would have none of it.  In fact, he got a little nervous when I suggested it.

Hmmmm...I wonder what his attic looks like?

If you're considering painting a space in your home, here are some


Take before pictures.

Looking at them may help you decide what to move back in after your done.  Plus it's fun to show friends, family  and Facebook after painting is complete.

Hoping for a treat!

These cranberry walls are pretty, but dated.  There were gold brocade drapes too - yikes.  Time for a change!

This kitchen had yellowish walls that over time became more yellowish.

This side entry was dark and tunnel like, leading to a basement.  The wood on the walls was scarred and poorly patched in many places.

The office had very dirty walls and very large holes from a cable project gone awry.

There was so much clutter on the walls and many, many nail holes underneath it all, which is why it stayed up there.  I'd rather look at clutter than a lot of nail holes.  

How about you?

Move everything out, including what's on the walls.

   Luckily there was one room in the house that was recently painted, so everything went in there.  Using 

furniture moving pads

 will make it easy for one person and quick work with two.

Likely you'll find many treasures,

like the knob to our air conditioning unit

and a lot more cleaning.  I ended up calling carpet cleaners as there were many pet stains that were uncovered.  Gross.

Dust the walls

, or in my case,


 scrub the walls.  Use a mild detergent and a large industrial sponge. 

I admit, I got a little misty when I washed this wall...but reminded myself I have a picture...and everything has an expiration date.

Our family growth chart

In the kitchen, a ladder came in handy to wash the wall at the tops of the cabinets and I discovered this!  YUCK.

Seriously friends, don't judge.  When's the last time you cleaned the top of your kitchen cabinets?


 Buy a good quality spackling compound.  Vinyl spackle is nearly impossible to sand off once it dries.  

Who knew?  

The painter happily redid much of my hack job,

he gets paid by the hour.

Don't use the paste kind, it balls up and flakes and is very messy.  Find the kind that is like ice-cream. It goes on easily, dries fast, and a light sanding will remove all but what's in the hole.  


 It's worth going to a paint store and buying the best quality masking tape you can afford.  I like the 1.5" size.  Then as you lay the tape on your moulding, use a small scraper and press the tape down on to the flat surface that the paint could spread to.  Paint likes to seep, and pressing the tape will eliminate all the little air pockets and make for a perfect seal.

Here's the finish!

BEFORES                                                                                                    AFTERS

The new paint color really makes the woodwork POP!

Those trash/recycling bins need to move.

That laundry basket needs a new home.

This side entry finish is my favorite.  It looks so much cleaner, brighter and more welcoming.  Just what I was aiming for.  My entire downstairs feels lighter and happier. JOY

Want to guess how long it took to move everything back?

If you could paint any room in your home, which would it be?