Spruce for Spring

Hello friends! 

It's been over a month since I've blogged.  I was traveling for a couple of weeks, even helped with an organizing project - more on that later - and then got the dreaded respiratory influenza and was laid up for 3 weeks.  

In the meantime, my husband has taken a job in another state and moved into a rental there, while I stay here and fix up our house to eventually sell in a year or two.  We actually are loving this temporary separation with visiting privileges.  


If feels good to be back to work and blogging and well, life in general.  Interesting how being sick is like being in some sort of twilight zone where life stops but also life goes on.  I am spending this week catching up with everything that was postphoned.

So being sick, I was literally laying around for weeks and my favorite thing to do when I'm too sick to do much else, is to windowshop online.  I believe it's called "Internesting" and it's a 



My favorite stores to visit from my internest are:



Joss & Main


I've spent many hours organizing my home over the past year and "winnowing" which is a clever word for discarding/donating/selling many, many things that no longer fit, are needed, have no place, served their use etc.  

So it felt just right after my long illness and with spring approaching to refresh my house and spend some quality time "sprucing".

After long hours researching online and really feeling what sparked joy, I headed to the stores and picked out all of this loveliness.

Before I had gold brocade drapes in the dining room and sage green velvet drapes in the living room. The house always felt dark and closed in, which is a cozy feeling in the winter, but I want to live differently now.

I replaced all the drapes with these light and airy linens.  The words diaphenous and ethereal come to mind.

When the sun comes out (as it surely will), the light pours in these rooms and I love that I can sit with the drapes closed, have privacy and yet still see out and enjoy the sun!  

Yes we have sliding glass doors in our living room that open into an office.  

Doesn't everyone?  

I dream about installing French doors one day.  Instead of heavy drapes covering this doorway and hiding what's behind there, these drapes entice and beckon.  

Don't you think?

Next up was the bathroom.  Before we had black and gray towels - yes, I said black towels. Being that I lived in a house of men, black and gray made a lot of sense.  

Not anymore!

These new towels are different shades of dusky blue and light aqua.  I chose different textures and sizes as well.  Because JOY.

I splurged and got some new artwork for the walls too.  

That cell phone booster with it's winding power cord needs to be moved!

I couldn't resist this spring time visitor with it's perfect bowl for barettes and jewelry.

Then it was on to the master bedroom.  I've always wanted lots and lots of pillows as I often like to spend time reading and writing in bed with a hot cup of tea.

This bedding is so girly and fun!. I brought home all the pillows, chose these 3 and returned the rest.

The floor rug has a lot of textured loops and memory foam.  If you haven't tried memory foam under your feet, I highly recommend it.

Finally, I had to add this turtle to my side entry.  

It's a little reminder to take things slowly. 

Sprucing doesn't have to involve a big project or be expensive.  It can  just be adding a small detail to your space that makes you smile.

This spring, what's on your spruce list?