A Few of My Favorite Organizing Things

Sorry it's been a couple of weeks...

I've been taking writing classes to improve my writing on this blog, and it's kinda sorta taking over my life...in a good way!  That is keeping me busy along with getting ready for the holidays.  I happen to love Christmas and all the preparations leading up to it.

Speaking of the holidays, here are a few of my favorite organizing things.  Maybe you have an organizer on your gift list

or someone who needs to get more organized?

Happy Shopping!

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

  This book has inspired thousands of people to declutter, just one category at a time.  

My secret wish is to be trained by her and I even contacted her to see if it was possible.  Unfortunately, the reply was in Japanese but Google translator said the word "wait" was in there and "patience".  So maybe it can still happen.

A Label Maker

  Clients are always asking me which kind to buy.  My own is one that my husband got as a gift and never used, so I inherited it and free is good.  But I love this handy one and it even comes with a tape cartridge.  

Buy lots of  tape when you order it.  You are welcome.

Magnetic Notepads

  I love these so much!  If you're my client,

(and you have a frig that takes magnets)

, you get one free!  They can be found in the dollar section of Target where they can be found for yes...$1.  These make great stocking stuffers!

Gift Card to the Container Store

  Seriously, if you haven't visited this store yet, you haven't lived.  It's an organizers dream come true.  My favorite aisle has little plastic boxes, stacked to the ceiling, all color coordinated in different sizes.  I like to go and stand there, it's my happy place.  Someday I'll have a client that needs small items organized like a rainbow.

A girl can dream right?

Light Angel

  This motion-sensor LED stick-on light works indoors or out and lasts for 100,000 hours. Use it under sinks, in closets for entryways, anywhere that is dark.  I installed 2 outside at our house.  Now I can actually get the key in the door on the first try!  This makes a great gift for an older adult.  

Let there be light.

Drawer Organizers

  They come in wood, metal, plastic - you name it.  Because when you need the scissors, you need to be able to find the scissors.  And the tape, and the phone charger, and the staples...

Pegboard Organizers

  For the handy wo/man in your life.  If you've got a pegboard, these are amazing!  Many more options to choose from.  You'll want them all.

 Trust me.

Jewelry Stackers

  I've had my eye on these for awhile now.  They are so luxe and practical at the same time.  Tarnish resistant too and they'll just as easily set into a drawer as they will stacked up on a dresser.

The princess in me wants a set.

Now that you've seen my favorites.

 What's on your organizing wish list this year?