Crafts Anyone?

Craft spaces are near and dear to my own creative soul so organizing this darling craft cabinet for a special child was a little dream come true.



While there are many craft supplies available in here, they are hard to find in the piles.  There are also some items that don't belong...e.g. canning jars and a purse.  

Just because it fits, doesn't mean it belongs.


The goal was to make it easy for this child to see the choices available to her, find the supplies she needs and have them organized so that she could work independently.

 Ah, this is what we all hope for our children, isn't it?

What's in the drawers?

Scarves & ribbons for make-believe play.  These went into a tote in the playroom.

Oh my, a crafty junk drawer!

The first step was to pull everything out and sort it into categories.  Some items were easily discarded such as wrinkled paper and used up projects.  Others were saved as memorabilia for a scrapbook, such as little drawings.  And some were donated, such as extra unused bottles of  glue.

 When you're not sure if you have it already, it's a temptation to buy more. 

It was clear to see after sorting, what items needed to be in their own spaces.  These clearly are the craft items that bring this child joy.

Origami paper

Workbooks, coloring books & sketchbook, Tray with pencil sharpener and pencils to be sharpened. Tray with note pads/post its.  Tote filled with colored pencils, glue,tape, staples etc. to carry to her workspace table and chair.

What became of the other drawer?  Just a few cherished items including her own labeler!  

A child after my own organizer heart.

Junk drawer no more!

Hidden amongst all the piles were all these colorful tins that once contained tea and biscuits.  They add so much beauty to these now empty shelves.

Lots of room for craft supplies as this child grows and develops more interests!

We also found quite a bit of spare change for that adorable piggy bank! 

We sorted out this messy paper file into categories of white paper, colored paper, construction paper and cardboard and installed it.  

It is not shown in these photos.  

Every child needs lots of paper!

Wow!  What a difference a little empty space makes.  No need to fill it up, just breathe and enjoy.





My favorite moment was when all of the calendars and notes were removed and we shined up the beautiful glass windows underneath.

 Visual clutter wears down our energy.

Now this cabinet beckons to be opened, whereas before it kept us away.

There is talk of paiting the interior a bright yellow and lining the shelves and drawers with pretty paper.  

When we mindfully take care of our belongings, the joy they give us grows!  

I can't wait to see it unfold.

Amidst all the clutter, we discovered this find!  Time to celebrate!

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What was your favorite space to work in as a child?

What space would you like more organized for your child to use?