Jewelry Storage

It's come up in casual conversation and with clients this week, "What's the best way to organize jewelry?"

The best way is the one that works for you.

We all dislike untangling chains, playing "Eye Spy" as we match up tiny earrings and have felt the dismay and regret at finding jewelry that has broken or bent from being piled in a box.  

There is a better way.

Sorting out to see what you have is the first step.  Invite your children to help you, it can be satisfying to share the stories behind each piece.  I recently gifted a set of pearls to my neice that has been in my family for 6 generations!   

Focus on what you'll



  • Keep everything that makes you happy; that looks great on you, that makes you feel wonderful.

The size of this pile may surprise you!  

  • Keep the sentimental.

I confess I have a large gold chain necklace with a huge gold cross outlined in rhinestones (


Mr. T

), that I've only worn once.  My youngest gave it to me for my birthday one year when he was quite small and I remember wearing it to church

(hoping no one would comment - it was so not my style

), but loving the way he lit up when he saw me wearing it. I hope I'm buried with the thing.

  • Keep it if you love it, but will never wear it, but only if you'd like to make something out of it or if you plan to gift it to a relative or friend (but be sure to ask if they want it first), or you make an appointment at the jeweler to have it repaired.

I happen to have a lot of jewelry kept from my teenage years; little 4-H pins, lots of orphan earrings that I adored etc.  I plan to make a little ornamental wallhanging with them, as they make me smile.

Keeping what you love first, makes the discard process much easier.

Set aside all the bent, broken gold and silver chains and the missing earrings.  

Do not throw them away

.  If they are real gold or sterling, they could be worth some $$$$.  I had a job buying gold at one time and some women I waited on, literally had a small fortune of unwearable jewelry stashed in their jewelry box!  It's hard to tell what's real, so leave it to the professionals to decide.

Donate everything else.  

Now let's organize!  To me jewelry can be art.  It is colorful, beautiful and can be appreciated all of the time when it's on display.

One DIY idea I've used myself, is to repurpose an old picture frame or bulletin board and hang jewelry within it; either on hooks or tacks.

Instructions here

This idea is even simpler and more beautiful and would work especially well if all of your items are neutral and natural in color.

You can order this on etsy

But, if simplicity is your aim and you've got enough art on the wall or want to reduce the visual clutter, this might be the perfect solution.

Ice cube trays!

They easily fit into a drawer, they can be stacked and no dust.  Pick some up at a thrift store today!


I couldn't resist showing just one more creative idea from the internet...this is so tempting to make.


What do you store your jewelry in?

What is your most sentimental piece of jewelry?

Were you surprised by the size of your "keep" pile?