My New Venture

Today is the day I started my new business, “Winnow & Spruce Organizing”.  This past year I’ve been on a journey to get re-acquainted with myself; to know and to love the real me and quit pretending to be who I thought I should be and searching for what I thought I should do.  It started with suddenly and unexpectedly leaving a job followed by a deep plunge into the depths of my life to understand and examine the roots of how it all went wrong. The introvert in me was awakened and  along the way I rediscovered my passions; creativity, writing, nature, reading, and organizing.  It’s been within me all along.  Organizing is a touchstone for me; an activity that makes me feel safe and appreciated and a skill that I love to share with others.  Today feels like I have come home to myself.

It’s been said that to discover what your life purpose is to go back to when you were the magical age of 8 and consider what you did for fun.  For me, it was organizing!  As my friend, Maureen, a co-worker said to me a couple of years ago, after watching me arrange and rearrange, “Val, you have a highly developed sense of order.”  I do feel at peace when everything is in its proper place.  I do feel a sense of joy when a room is put back to order or when a closet’s belongings are returned.  I do feel a sense of accomplishment helping a friend sort through their clothes and I do love to plan and organize a special party for a loved one.  An early childhood memory is of patiently waiting for my mother to leave the house on some errand so I could quickly organize the spices above the stove to happily surprise her

Organizing is a way of life for me.  I look forward to sharing ideas, projects and insights as my new venture unfolds.