The Discarding Day

Going cabin crazy yet?  It's a real thing here in snowy, northern Wisconsin where I live. Every winter I read in the newspaper about some guy going cabin crazy and hacking up his wife and sticking her in the freezer or some such horror.  No lie.

I always wonder what living in their house was like?

I imagine there was a lot of clutter.

It's touted that living in clutter can be disturbing, but will it lead you to kill someone? Probably not, but for some of us it does have serious psychological ramifications.  This article in Psychology Today by Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D says it best. 

"Messy homes and work spaces leave us feeling anxious, helpless, and overwhelmed."

I don't know about you, but I'd rather feel calm, empowered and joyful as I go about my day.

So what can be done?  Once a week, hold a Discarding Day.  

Pick a day, put it on your calendar repeating for the entire year.  When that day arrives, pick one type of item from the following list to discard and go to it.  

At the end of the year, you'll have discarded 52 types of items in your home and it will only have taken you minutes each week.  

It goes fast.  Promise.

The Discarding Day List*

  1. Phonebooks
  2. Old condiment packets
  3. Old maps
  4. Old fire extinguishers
  5. Manuals to items you no longer own
  6. Bags you no longer use (tote bags, plastic grocery bags, purses etc.)
  7. Old hair accessories
  8. Old dish sponge
  9. Broken flashlights
  10. Expired canned food
  11. Old pillows
  12. Newspapers, magazines and books never read
  13. Old sunscreen
  14. Broken umbrellas
  15. Puzzles with missing pieces
  16. Scarves never worn
  17. Junk mail
  18. Gifts you don't like
  19. Suitcases you no longer use
  20. Your toothbrush (buy new)
  21. Expired coupons
  22. Old greenting, holday and birthday cards
  23. Old pots and pans 
  24. Clothes you've never worn
  25. Broken jewelry
  26. Old bed linens
  27. Dead batteries (dispose of properly)
  28. Candle holders
  29. Recipe books never used
  30. Worn out shoes
  31. Mismatched plastic containers
  32. Ink-less markers
  33. Gifts/letters your ex gave you
  34. Trial sized cosmetics/hotel samples
  35. Games you never play
  36. Wire or dry cleaning hangers
  37. Old electronic cords/accessories
  38. Old children's artwork
  39. Old undergarments
  40. Broken glasses/sunglasses
  41. Broken items you'll never fix
  42. Old phones/phone cases/phone accessories
  43. Outgrown baby/kid clothes
  44. Unused wedding gifts
  45. Old schoolwork papers
  46. Perfume/colonge you don't like
  47. Broken crayons
  48. Scraps of wrapping paper/ribbons/bows
  49. Expired make-up
  50. Old spices
  51. Unmatched and holey socks
  52. Torn towels

*This list was adapted from here

Now that's what I call, PROGRESS.

Quick, start today!  Choose peace, calmness and joy.  I don't want to read about you in the newspaper.

Is anyone's clutter making you crazy?

What's the first thing you'll discard from the list?